Beginner level

Want to learn how to play guitar? You knocked on the good door!

With Fretlight guitars, learning guitar has never been so easy! No more beginner’s frustration and the long time you would have spent decoding partitions, tablatures, chords diagrams with traditional methods. You will gain in progress and pleasure with our revolutionary instruments and software.

Thanks to the Bluetooth connection and the unique visual learning system, stop wasting time and start playing your first chords now. All you have to do is to follow the LEDs and you will be able to play all your favorite songs and riffs soon.

Intermediate / advanced level

With Fretlight and Guitar Pro, try to become a solo guitarist! View in real-time Guitar Pro tabs of your favorite solos directly on the fingerboard and let yourself be guided by the visual indicators. You can change the speed of playback as you wish to learn at your own pace.

You want to start improvising and compose your first riffs or your first solos, but you know little or nothing about it?

With the Guitar Pro Series Library, select the tonality and scale. The notes of this scale will light up on the fingerboard in order to guide the pace of your fingers.

In addition to the millions of tabs and exercises in Guitar Pro format that you can download for FREE on the Internet, we will publish on our website FREE exercises edited by our team in order to help you in your progress.

Are you a guitar teacher?

Thanks to Fretlight technology, your teaching will be more fun and attractive. To interest your students and encourage them to make progress, what is better than using a modern and intuitive learning system combined with your professional experience? Transcribe your exercises into tabs of Guitar Pro format and help your students out at best.