Guitar Pro has a huge library of chords and arpeggios from the simplest positions for beginners which consist of the vast majority of songs, to the most difficult enriched chords of jazz.

Whether you wish to start the guitar or perfect your inversions chords, tapping or sweeping techniques, this feature of Guitar Pro will delight you for sure.

Learn to place chords with Guitar Pro 7.5

Library of scales


Explore musical harmony through practice will be much more fun than traditional methods. With Guitar Pro, display the scales’ positions directly on the fingerboard of your guitar neck and start jamming alone, with your band or your friends.

Guitar Pro has in its huge library hundreds of pentatonic scales, blues scales, harmonic and melodic minors scales, as well as the Dorian, Phrygian, Lydian, Mixolydian and other modes. Whether you like blues, pop, rock, metal, jazz or classical music, there must be a scale for you in Guitar Pro library.

Want to improvise?

Want to explore new sounds in your songs?

Fretlight and Guitar Pro show you the easiest way!

Tab reader


Connect your Fretlight Wireless to Guitar Pro via Bluetooth on your PC or Mac and display Guitar Pro Tabs in real time right on the fingerboard of your Fretlight guitar neck. Follow the path of the LEDs by changing the speed as you wish to learn your favorite songs, riffs and solos!