General Terms and Conditions

(June 2019)


This document, together with the additional information available on (hereinafter referred to as the “Site”) constitutes the general terms and conditions of sale (hereinafter referred to as “Terms and Conditions”). the “GTC”) applicable between the user of the Site (hereinafter referred to as ” You” or “the User “) and Connected Guitar. It governs the contractual relationship between Connected Guitar and You, including any purchase made on or through the Site (hereinafter referred to as the “Transaction”). At the time of verification of your order, ticking the box provided for this purpose and clicking on the button “VALIDATE”, You fully and unreservedly accept these Terms.

Connected Guitar asks you to read the Terms and Conditions carefully before proceeding to any Transaction on the Site. You are bound by the version of these in force at the time You submit an online form (hereinafter referred to as the “Form”) materializing Your intention to order products on the Site (hereinafter referred to as the “Order”).).

These Terms and Conditions are also applicable in the case that you choose to place your Order through the Connected Guitar Customer Service available via the contact form on the Site.

In the case of an Order by the Customer Service, the Products you have ordered will be delivered to you with these Terms and Conditions. If You do not accept these Terms or if You do not wish to keep Your Products, You may return Your package by following the procedure described in Article 13. If you accept these Terms and you want to keep your products, you have nothing to do. After five (5) days, the Terms will be deemed accepted and You will become opposable.


Connected Guitar may at any time modify the GTC without notice. It is your responsibility to regularly check the GTC to stay informed of any changes.


You can only place an Order directly via the website if Your billing, delivery and payment addresses are all located in one and the same country among the following countries: France, Germany, Belgium, Luxembourg , Netherlands, Andorra, Austria, Spain, Ireland, Italy, Monaco, United Kingdom Portugal, Spain, Czech Republic, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Sweden, Switzerland, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Sweden Switzerland, Bulgaria, Croatia, Finland, Greece, Island, Liechtenstein, Malta, Norway, Finland.

In case you do not reside in the territories aforementioned You will still be able to place an order via the contact form subject to acceptance by our sales department, if this is the case, we invite you to contact us via the link below:


The Site is a secure online platform that allows Users to order and purchase online items or merchandise offered for sale on the Site (hereinafter referred to as the “Product (s)”).


The description of the authentic products is the one that is published on the Site at the time of the Order.


The images of the Products on the Site are provided for information purposes only and their publication on the Site does not constitute an offer.

The publication of Product descriptions on the Site constitutes an invitation to make an offer. By placing an Order, the User makes an offer to Connected Guitar which has the right but not the obligation to accept or reject it, in its sole discretion.

  1. PRICE

The price of the Products is indicated in Euros (€) in Swiss Francs (CHF) or British Pounds Sterling (£), all taxes included. The currency is automatically assigned according to the Territory corresponding to the billing and delivery address.

You acknowledge and agree that the Products may be subject to customs duties, postal services, tax services or any additional costs relating to the transportation, importation or delivery of Products. These taxes are beyond the control of Connected Guitar. You agree, if necessary, to fully support these additional costs when You check the box relating to the GTC and You click on the button “VALIDATE”.

  1. ORDER

Your Order is subject to the stock availability of the Product (s). The selected Products in your basket are not reserved and can be purchased by other users until the confirmation of Your Order.

The Products are for Your personal use only and not for resale (unless previously authorized by Connected Guitar). By placing an Order, You warrant that You will only make use of the Product for personal use, you are nevertheless authorized without specific authorization a professional use of our products in an educational and / or artistic context. Connected Guitar, in its sole discretion, reserves the right not to confirm any Order, including without limitation, in the event that it suspects the User of placing an Order for fraudulent purposes or unauthorized resale.

To place an Order on the Site, You must complete the Form and follow the instructions of the Site including by reading and accepting the Terms and Conditions, the Terms of Use (hereinafter referred to as the “Terms”) and the Privacy Policy of the Site. Site (hereinafter referred to as the ” Policy Privacy”).

By completing the Form, You must specify the method of payment that will be used to complete the Transaction in response to Your Order, subject to acceptance by Connected Guitar. At each Order, the billing address, the delivery address and the means of payment used are checked.

The following methods of payment are accepted:

  1. Visa
  2. Master Card
  3. PayPal (Please note that you can pay by credit card on PayPal without holding an account)

The billing information declared on your Order must correspond to the cardholder used This is why Connected Guitar must be able to contact you directly if necessary, in order to ask you for any additional information relating to the smooth running of the order. The above-mentioned additional verifications may result in an additional period of three (3) business days to add to the delivery time. In the event that this condition is not fulfilled and / or Connected Guitar fails to reach the cardholder, Connected Guitar reserves the right to cancel Your Order.

If You prefer to place Your Order through the Customer Service, we invite You to contact us in the conditions referred to in Article 1 of these Terms. A bank transfer will be required for any Order placed directly with the Customer Service.

The receipt of the transfer conditions the shipment of Your Order, after the acceptance of Your Order by Connected Guitar. Subject to acceptance of your order, You will receive a confirmation of the conclusion of the Transaction to the email address that you provided during the Order.

The transaction will be deemed concluded only when Connected Guitar has confirmed its acceptance by sending you the confirmation email, including a summary of the Order, the price of the Products, the date and time of the Order, the amount of shipping costs, and the method of payment chosen by You.

If you wish to cancel or modify Your Order before the shipment of Your Products, You may contact Connected Guitar as soon as possible by contact form. Connected Guitar will make its best efforts to respond favorably to your request. However, this request constitutes a simple wish Connected Guitar cannot guarantee that the Order will be canceled or modified.


You can Register on the Site to obtain a User account allowing you to benefit from the services as described in the TOS.


Connected Guitar will send you, upon shipment of Your Order, a confirmation email that will contain Your shipping number. And You will receive your tracking number by email when the order is shipped.


The Products will be delivered exclusively to the address mentioned in the Form at the time of the Order. You will be charged a shipping fee, which may vary depending on the type of shipment and the delivery location of the Products. The amount of delivery charges You will be indicated at the time of the Order.

Shipping costs are available in three currencies and are calculated automatically in the currency of the country of delivery.

You agree and acknowledge that the shipping options vary depending on the country where Your Order is to be delivered. Deliveries are made by our carriers, with delivery against signature.

In any case, You will have access, via the interface of our carrier on the date of delivery envisaged by the carrier, during the confirmation of Your Order.

Connected Guitar agrees to ship Your Order as soon as possible after the conclusion of the Transaction.

At the time of delivery of the Products, You must immediately verify that the package of Your package is intact and has not been tampered with in any way. We recommend that you film or photograph the package and the products at the reception in case the packaging is damaged. In this case, Connected Guitar recommends that you immediately make a declaration to the carrier in charge of the delivery, expressing Your reservations upon delivery of the Products, and inform our Customer Service within three days.

In case of reservation made in the conditions mentioned in the previous paragraph, with the carrier and / or our Customer Service, an inquiry will be opened with the carrier and a response will be sent to you within seven working days.

In the absence of such an express reservation, the delivery will be considered as accepted and no dispute on the packaging can be validly made thereafter.

Delivery times can vary between 2 and 3 days and delivery times can vary between 2 and 10 days depending on the European country and the delivery address.


13.1 Product Condition Conditions

Connected Guitar agrees to return Products in their original condition and if the original purchase invoice and return authorization number are attached.

However, Connected Guitar does not accept any returns of Products that appear to have been used or have been damaged. In particular, scratches and / or bumps on the body and / or on the neck or the guitar head.

If you return the damaged products, Connected Guitar reserves the right to refuse their return or to accept it but deducting from the reimbursement the cost of support and repair.

Connected guitar informs you that there is no possibility to return Guitar Pro software licence.

13.2 Request for Return Product

To return a product, You must inform Connected Guitar of Your desire to return the Product (s) ordered within fourteen (14) days of receiving your Order.

To do this, you must either contact Connected Guitar or by phone to either, via the contact form, or via our Facebook page

You will be required to fill out a return form that you will send by email that you must sign and accept, we you will send a packing slip.

 13.3 Method of Products

In the case of product return in good working condition, Connected Guitar reserves the right to charge you or not the cost of return. The amount of the expenses of return oscillate between 10 and 80 euros in function of your country.

–           Any returned Product must be protected and packaged in its original box and be accompanied by all the accessories present at the opening of the package such as: the user guide, charger cable, etc. Otherwise, additional fees will be charged.

–           Please print the email with the return authorization number and carrier label.

–           Please place the original box (es) in the shipping box, the return authorization email sent by Connected Guitar and the original purchase invoice.

–           Please carefully close the shipping carton and return your carton and the label carrier’s packing slip to the agreed day for pick-up.

You can also arrange the return with the carrier of your choice, under your responsibility, within fourteen (14) days of the notification sent to the Customer Service but in the case where the costs will exceed those of our shipping carrier the difference may be charged.

You agree to pay particular attention to the packaging of the Product you are returning. If the returned Product has been damaged due to incorrect packaging, Connected Guitar reserves the right to refuse such return or to accept it but deducting the cost of handling and repairing the amount to You recredit.

After receipt of the Products returned by Your Care, and provided return conditions are met, Connected Guitar will notify You by email that full or partial refund of the amount of Your Order is being processed. A refund will be made in the same way as the initial payment. Depending on Your financial institution, the refund may take up to 10 (ten) business days following confirmation by email sent by Connected Guitar.

  1. Return of product with proven defects / Limitation of warranty

Connected Guitar ensures that quality standards are met. If a guitar proves to have a proven defect and you want a return, Connected Guitar will bear the full cost of return and will either agree to exchange the defective goods or to send you spare parts. Each guitar is controlled and tested before shipment and we keep video and photos of the tests of each model (each guitar has a serial number of its own, it is easy to identify each instrument).

14.1 Definition of proven defects

Attention are not considered as material defects of origin, and therefore not supported by the basic warranty the following cases:

Fretlight connectivity problems are not considered as proven defects the problems related to the connectivity of Fretlight Wireless Guitars with the software Guitar Pro 7.5 for Windows 10 and for Mac as well as the problems related to software for smartphones and tablets running Android and IOS with the applications of Guitar Pro Mobile and Guitar tunes in the following cases.

Your guitar can not connect to windows 10, because:

Your Guitar can not connect to your Mac, because

Your guitar can not connect to Guitar Pro or Guitar tunes on IOS, because

Your guitar can not connect Guitar tunes Android, because

Please note that due to differences in manufacturer coding of different devices running Android your guitar may not be able to connect to a device that works on one of Android, however, we remain at your disposal to try to solve this problem inherent to your machine.

14.2 Oddities and possible traces on the polymer of the key and the Fretlight guitar body:

The small imperfections of paints as well as the small traces of machining on the neck are not regarded as defects. Fretlight guitars are the only guitars in the world with a touch of polymer material which is essential for the proper functioning of Fretlight technology. The polymer is not wood, it is very difficult to machine and easy to mark, so the key on your guitar can not be completely free of traces, so these traces that may appear are not considered as a hardware defect and therefore cannot be opposed to Connected Guitar in the context of a product return with a proven defect.

14.3 Limits of the Fretlight Guitar Warranty

Are not covered by the warranty:

1) Physical and visible damage caused to the LEDs by a fall or a shock on your instrument or by an inappropriate use of products.

2) Damage to the micro USB port of the battery charger caused by the use of the guitar during its charging time.

3) Damage caused to your guitar neck by misuse of the truss-rod as well as by the use of unsuitable strings.

4) Wear of the strings.

5) Damage related to the pickups and the electronic cavity that results from a change or modification of the original guitar components.

6) Problems related to deterioration of use of the jack and the potentiometers of the guitar (sizzling, false contacts, absence of sounds).

7) The problem related to the frieze of the guitar.

8) Small machining marks on the polymer surfaces are not considered a technical defect as long as this does not influence your playing comfort.


Stray noise may occur when using the LEDs when the guitar is plugged into an amplifier due to unavoidable physical causes of the electrical harness passing through your guitar neck. This is not considered as a proven defect and Connected Guitar cannot be held responsible for this problem, we are nevertheless at your disposal to help you to better mitigate this phenomenon.

14.4 How to report a defect

You must indicate in Your email sent to this address, the description of the alleged defect and attach all documents supporting Your request (detailed product photos, date of purchase, unboxing videos, order number, etc.).

After reviewing these elements, Connected Guitar reserves the right to recover the Product in order to conduct a physical expertise.

In the sole case of a recognized defect, Connected Guitar undertakes either to replace at its expense the defective Product to the extent of the available stocks, or to partially or entirely You refund the purchase price, depending on the nature of the defect.

Connected Guitar reserves the right to refuse to respond to a late complaint, a claim for a defect for which You are responsible or if it is an imperfection due to the nature of the Product (some products may contain small irregularities and / or asperities inherent in their manufacturing process or the material used).


Subject to possible liability arising from a defect as defined above, Connected Guitar will only be liable for damages resulting from gross negligence or willful misconduct, whether in the part of the conclusion, execution of the Transaction, or in connection with Your use of the Site.


Frets and strings, jack inputs and potentiometers and batteries may be damaged as you use the guitar for a long time. This is not a manufacturing defect, but normal wear.

Connected Guitar urges you to regularly replace strings and batteries for models with active electronics and to consult a guitar repair and tuning technician for specific care tips.

To keep your products in good condition, it is recommended to carry out the following maintenance:


Connected Guitar delivers quality products through and authorized resellers.

Connected Guitar cannot guarantee that merchandise purchased elsewhere will not be infringing, altered, second-hand or of doubtful origin.


The purpose of Connected Guitar is to provide You with complete, accurate and up-to-date information on the Site. It is unfortunately not possible to guarantee a site free from human or technological errors. The Site may contain typographical errors, inaccuracies or omissions, some of which may be related to the price, availability, or features of the Products. Connected Guitar reserves the right to correct such errors, inaccuracies or omissions, even after placing an Order, and to modify and / or update the above information at any time without notice.


The Connected Guitar is committed to maintaining the highest standards of security at all times.

Not only does the Site use the SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption protocol, but it is also enhanced by all the different existing encryption processes to provide the most effective protection for your confidential payment information.

Connected Guitar does not have access to Your confidential banking data. Indeed, only its banking partner has access to this confidential information (card number, validity date, secret code) and these information elements cannot be consulted by any other third party.


Connected Guitar is concerned about your privacy.

Any collection of personal data about you that Connected Guitar collects on You through the Site is subject to Connected Guitar’s Privacy Policy.


Any contract concluded with Connected Guitar is subject to French laws, without any application of their conflict of laws rules.

Any dispute arising directly or indirectly from the conclusion, interpretation or execution of a contract with Connected Guitar in accordance with these Terms and Conditions must be submitted to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Compiegne, France.